The Portal to
Decentralized Finance

DeFi ecosystem is fragmented and siloed, Portal aggregates all DeFi protocols in one place. Portal is your gateway to DeFi.

Asset Swaps, Lending, Borrowing, Staking, Liquidity, Derivatives and other Financial Services are securely accessible from your wallet

Marketplace for DeFi Services

  • AI Price predictions
  • Robo advisor
  • Passive DeFi investing
DeFi layer for your wallet

Any DeFi Service
Right From Your Wallet

Portal is Non-custodial. Only you own your coins. Your data is only stored securely on your own device. All the exchange order books, decentralized and available right in your wallet!

ZKSwaps, the game changer

Fast, Easy Atomic Swaps

Portal Atomic Bridge: The fastest, easiest, most secure and private way to swap your assets and contracts at all times. Read more about revolutionary ZK-Swaps technology here

Best-In Class Security

Portal is Non-custodial. Only you own your coins. Your data is only stored securely on your own device

More about security

Fully transparent. Maximally secure.

Only you hold
private keys.

No "server backups".
No secret codebase.

Rigorous 3rd party security
audits & penetration testing by leading security researchers
and experts.

Who we are

Product, Growth & Deep Crypto Expertise

Dr.Chandra Duggirala


Grew Fuel from $0 to $2M ARR in < 10 months.
Author of Crypto Economics

George Burke

Community Builder

Sold 2 B2C marketplaces. Started FreshPay in 2013.
Organizer SV-BTC meetup

Manoj Duggirala


2x entrepreneur who managed a team of 150+ engineers.
Stanford University

Eric Martindale

Blockchain Expert

Previously at BlockStream and BitPay.
Founded Fabric Protocol

Travis Skweres

Blockchain Engineer

Sold CoinMarket Exchange.

Farid Azizov

Blockchain Engineer

Wallet engineer

Some of our backers

Monday Capital

Katerina Stroponiati, Yiannis Varelas

Tom Ding

Co-founder of Dfinity

Reese Jones

2 IPOs as Founder. Facebook Advisor.
Assoc Founder of Singularity University

Trevor Koverko

CEO, Polymath

Josh Goldbard

CEO of MobileCoin