Finally, Crypto Freedom

Securely store, get price predictions, and trade right from your wallet.

Store all your cryptos easily & securely

Stay Ahead of The Pack

Cutting edge A.I. price predictions, right when you need them.


Trade On Any Exchange
Right From Your Wallet

Portal routes your trades to the right exchange based on price, order book depth and many other variables, to get you the best execution, always. No more trusting Binance or Coinbase with your money. Take control of your own wealth. Quickly bring back your assets to your local wallet.

Best-In-Class Security

Portal is the only open source wallet with best-in-class security. All your coins, always in your control.

More about security

Fully transparent. Maximally secure.

Only you hold
private keys.

No "server backups".
No secret codebase.

Rigorous 3rd party security
audits & penetration testing by leading security researchers
and experts.


Your Bank in Your Control

Peer to peer lending and borrowing, all from your wallet. No counterparty risk. Security token module: Buy, sell and store security tokens and asset backed tokens to diversify your wealth. Portal bridge: The security and control of a decentralized exchange with the liquidity and speed of a centralized exchange. Program your own trades. No exchange risk, fast layer 2 on chain settlement

Powerful enough for institutions,
but simple enough for a 3rd grader.

Are you a crypto hedge fund? Get a sneak peek of Portal Pro